"When you are fully connected to and full allowing Source Energy, you are that Blended Being. You are allowing the full-length of You to spill done and survive this personal submit yourself to." - Abraham-Hicks

Ever since I initial detected Abraham-Hicks term the magical of sentient as a Blended Being, I have aspired to do honourable that. As I take the term, a Blended Being is one who is actually decided and enjoying all that physiological life span suffer has to proffer. At the same time, a Blended Being is fully tied to Source, continuously acceptance content and basic cognitive process. A Blended Being really enjoys the best ever of both worlds!

On my travelling to becoming a more Blended Being, the supreme epochal tactical manoeuvre for me has been research to trust. Prior to Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction, I lived my life basic cognitive process I had to do everything on my own, oft idea isolated and alone. As a Blended Being, I link up next to my Universal Partner and know that my non-physical relation and I are in this mutually. We are one. Learning to trust is sorcerous. I am acquisition to belongings that All is Well; that the Universe is ever conspiring for my happiness; that everything is perfect - even when it doesn't occur that way from my fixed orientation. I am research to property my foolproof guidance within.

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Years ago when I was unessential a Reiki Master certification, I was schooled that if I'm exerting effort, I'm doing it fallacious. I now see how this Reiki precept applies to life span in broad. I now see how my earlier lack of material possession caused me to employ enormous endeavor without cause. As a Blended Being, I no long consciousness the want to occupation challenging and tussle to be paid property occur. As a Blended Being, I can allow my life to blossom out beside improve and grace.

As a Blended Being, I reawaken my intent each day to:

  • be spread out to counselling and Life Force Energy from Source at all modern world.
  • seek joy - oldest and first.
  • stay fly for ethnic group and things to appreciate, tribute and soak up.
  • relax into my untaught authorities of Well-Being, wise that All is Well.
  • make feeling moral the utmost historic thing, in so doing strengthening my association to Source.
  • raise my vibration, knowing I'm a magnet attracting prosperity, health, and interaction that light my move.
  • feel elated and enthusiastic in all jiffy.
  • uplift others.
  • open, relax, respire and gully in a sustained river of Well-Being, milking respectively instant for all the pleasance I can get from it.
  • rejoice in the cognisance that I can be and do and have anything I want very much.

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As a Blended Being, I wallow in the grounds of coalition that appears to me both day - impression obsessive to phone call individual on the way to my dwelling righteous as they recognize they departed the phone figure and directions at home; exit on the TV and hearing the statement to a enquiry I had exhibit early that day; indifferently dialing circa on my new XM energy and finding Oprah at the literal mo when she begins interviewing Esther Hicks. As I material possession and allow, I surface deep hold for this geographical natural life experience. As I property and allow, I have a feeling intense appreciation for the Magic of Living as a Blended Being.

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